Apartments and Villas maintenance service

Apartments and villas are meant to give you home like comfort. Apartments are the high buildings for living in various configurations. On the other hands, Villa is single habitational place completes all your surviving needs. The maintenance is significant in both apartments and villas. The team of MFA technical services, Dubai undertakes the project of maintenance of apartments and villas in Dubai and in its surrounding areas. One has a group of licensed workers or crafts-minds who provides you a satisfactory service within a short span of time. We are 24 hours and 365 days emergency servers.


From planning to finishing of project, one devotes the great zeal in it. Maintenance is essential for the upgradation of your apartments and villas. Do not stick to the past way of living. One has a single central objective is to make you modernized. The material of best quality and imported from reputed and trusted vendors, used by us. We always try to put our best foot forward. Having a tidy home exudes a good vibe. Therefore, the maintenance of apartments and villas must be top priority of us. One dealt with comprehensive and non-comprehensive apartments and villas maintenance services. The variety of improvement services are mentioned as below:


Painting Service For Apartments In Dubai

 Which company is best for the professional wall painting for interior or exterior walls? The only answer is the company with outstanding knowledge of 2d and 3d painting, can serve you best. Check out our painting service in pins or on all other social media platforms. One serves with water painting, glass painting, pot painting, framed wall art painting, exterior painting or interior painting etc. choose the correct painter, equipped with all painting tools such as paintbrushes or chemical free paint. We are the experts in substance painting, door-spray painting, windows painting and cabinet painting and so on. It is an accurate time to shine all the corners of apartments and villas with the layers of paint.

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Electricity maintenance service  to your Residence:

Cleaning to installation of smart home appliances, we are available to help you. Electricity is an essential need of us. With the regular usage, it also require periodical maintenance. Mr. electric undertakes all the projects such as- ac duct cleaning, installation of electronic gadgets, inspection of wires, cable jointing, switch boards repairs and so on. We work for saving you from high utility bills and for the energy conservation. As per requirements, one dispatches the electric man to your place for the residential electric services, commercial electric services, industrial electric service or emergency electric service etc.


Plumbing service 

A plumber is an adventurer who traces the leaky pipes to their sources. The team of MFA Technical Services, Dubai is simply best to tackle all the issues related to the plumbing. Grant all kinds of plumbing repair works in our hands. For example- bath tub replacement, water tank repair, water heater repair service, drain cleaning, CPVC pipes installation, leak detection or drain cleaning etc. Our local plumbers also offer on-site support for homes and businesses. It is essential to become an environment-friendly and also making the appointment with the plumber near your area. Find for plumbing companies near and then select us for tip-top working.

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Air conditioning service in apartments and villas

To get relief from sweating every summer, an air conditioner is the world famous electronic innovative brand (portable ac unit). MFA Technical Services, Dubai is working tip-top from installation of air conditioning unit to the maintenance of the same system. Our challenger’s team is expert to address the problems of all types of ac units such as-split system unit, window ducting ac unit, cassette ac unit, central ac unit, ductless split ac unit and packaged air conditioning unit etc. Our regular inspection service of Dubai is serving to domestic customers in the case of emergency. During the inspection, one fixed the ac cooling temperature, bind the defective wired connections and make the working of air conditioner efficient. We are the licensed and certified ac repairing service providers in the Dubai. Find for ac repairer near me or contact us, one served you from initialization to the ending of project.


Handyman service for apartments and villas

There is no instrument as praiseworthy as the hands. The similar service is done by the handyman from a small lock repair to the whole house maintenance. Right to say, “handyman is all rounded workman who helps to extend the life of your worthy property”. Our experienced workmanship handles the extreme issues of the maintenance with the highest quality repair. Without wasting a single minute, our local handymen reach to you with all the equipment’s for giving the local handyman services near to you. One is delivering the outstanding painting services to the homeowners or the general contractors by using latest tools and technologies. We are the winners for giving technical support to the clients. The installation service consists of pool installation, fan installation, air conditioner installation, water heater installation, exhaust fan installation, filter installation, ring bell installation, drywall installation, curtains positioning, wallpaper placing and so on. Moreover, Our Urban company trained workers do installation of flooring in your homes or job spots. The flooring can be marble, slate tile, wooden, ceramic tile or laminated. Leave this job to our excellent handyman electricians, handyman painters or handyman plumbers to make the superior appearance of your place. Our team of MFA Technical Services, Dubai is convenient option for the assembly service. One dealt with the shipment of sofa sets, chairs, grills, furniture assembly, bikes assembly, bookcase assembly, almirahs assembly, cabinet assembly, doors and windows assembly and so on.

The need is of drywall finishing or drywall repair which is done by our handyman. Feel free to contact us by calling or through website ( and find for handyman near me. Now keep all your worries at ease.

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Carpentry service in Dubai

Wood-makeover is in the great demand in both the residential or the commercial places. The custom carpenter having all the collaborated characteristics of the handyman and the engineer. As the carpentry service involves both the art or a science. MFA Technical Services, Dubai is the perfect choice for all kinds of wooden carpentry. Hire the skilled carpentry company for wooden joinery purpose. One satisfied you 100 percent by giving our prompt service at very near to you. For this, just type the carpenter near me. Always remember that carpenter services not only need the equipment but also the virtuous knowledge. MFA Technical Servers has a skilled team of wood artists who are well known for the wooden makeover expertise.The need is of drywall finishing or drywall repair which is done by our handyman. Feel free to contact us by calling or through website ( and find for handyman near me. Now keep all your worries at ease.